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Lionel Richie: Leading LA’s startup investing surge

lionel richie leading las startup investing surge showing a thumbs up

Grammy-getting, Oscar-obtaining, Golden Globe-grabbing legendary singer-songwriter Lionel Richie, is adding another feather to his cap as one of LA’s most prominent celebrity startup investors.

Upon backing doctor-on-demand service, Heal, Richie got bitten hard by the modern tech bug. And he’s not stopping there.

You know this entrepreneurship thing is taking over the world (heck, one billion people intend to start a business in the next three years!) when big-name entertainment artists are getting in on the act.

Alabama-born Lionel Richie says he misses healthcare as it used to be. Within the close-knit community in which he was raised, everyone knew each other - and that included local doctors and nurses. Imagine his welcome shock, then, when he met with Heal founder, Nick Desai. Desai’s idea of bringing affordable, personal healthcare back into American homes with the help of cutting-edge technology was too good to resist.

Lionel Richie Heal meme F4S

The technology scene in Los Angeles is enjoying growth, and Richie is said to thrive on the creativity and energy that comes from meeting with and investing in LA’s brightest tech talent.

Speaking with Jonathan Shieber of TechCrunch, Richie let the cat out of the bag:

“This is my new pastime. I had a choice: do I play tennis on the weekends or do I call up my tech friends and say, ‘what’s new?’ ”

He counts the likes of Elon Musk among his friends, and is reportedly scouring the world for compelling business ideas to get behind.

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