Our Benchmarking Tool shows how you stack up against industry top performers and even allows you to compare against team members.

Our tool benchmarks your unique work motivations against our proven success factor models from 20+ years of research.

This helps you quickly pinpoint your greatest opportunities for growth as a leader, team and company.

Benchmarking provides an easy and visible analysis of leader and team success 'gaps' so you know exactly which areas are adding risk to your business and need to be addressed.

You can even track your team's progress over time, meaning you can visually gauge the ROI of coaching programs and talent development efforts.

It's also the perfect tool to help you identify ideal candidates that can complement team blind spots to quickly improve team performance.

Outcomes with F4S:

Gain a clear understanding of where your company stands compared to industry standards.

Get data-driven insights into what you and your team need to focus on for venture success.

Know how to adapt your work style for easy collaboration when working with different cultures.

What F4S benchmarks against

Different cultures

F4S benchmarks 48 motivations against the working population in 14 cultures, including the U.S., UK, Australia, Singapore and more.


This model is based on research of founders who started and exited their businesses within five years for between $6M and $1.2B.

Business Builders

This model is based on our research sample of business leaders who grew profitable businesses over 10 to 15 years or more.

Discover the Green Zone motivations

In the F4S Benchmark Report, you’ll find your Green Zone motivations. These are the attitudes that correlate with venture success when compared to Entrepreneurs and Business Builders we studied.

"F4S was an insightful and precise resource for me in mapping the impact of my style between Australian and US business cultures. A highly useful resources for business owners and thought leaders at any stage of business growth."

Ari Galper
CEO of Unlock The Sales Game

Hone in on Orange Zone motivations that need more focus

The Orange Zone is where your biggest opportunities lie. It’s where you have slightly higher or lower levels of motivation when compared to our research samples.

Through self-awareness, focus and working with a coach, you can change these motivation levels to better align with venture success.

"I have used F4S in the past to assess entrepreneurial talent in candidates, team members and even myself. F4S provides a powerful framework and tool to analyze and compare against peers."

Daniel Jarosch
Managing Director and Partner of BCG Digital Ventures

Identify Red Zone “blind spots” that need support

Far from weaknesses, blind spots are areas that you don't find particularly interesting or motivating. But don't worry—these might be genius attitudes in other domains!

The Red Zone reveals your risk factors in business and the ideal motivations for you to seek in co-founders, teammates or board members.

We've even got AI and human coaches on deck to help you strategically increase or decrease Red Zone motivations.

"I have used F4S with a number of our start-ups to support investment due diligence; recruitment of co-founders; dealing with team dynamics and co-founder conflict. It is an amazing tool, which has an incredible depth of detail and allows for greater understanding and application."

Mark Rowland
CEO DTP Ventures, co-founder StyleTread



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Remote team building activities

Behind the successful people you know, there’s a coach.

The world’s top companies use us to bring out the best in their teams:

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"F4S has helped me understand how I work and improved how I work with others (as I now understand key strengths.)

F4S is a central component of our people growth strategy at Canva and empowers us to harness our unique culture and optimise performance as we scale."

Cliff Obrecht
Co-founder & COO, Canva

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