Talent Development

F4S is the ultimate talent development tool, with scalable personal coaching based on the unique motivations and goals of each team member.

Could your next superstar general manager, director of operations or even CEO be right under your nose? Chances are, you already have an idea of who in your workforce shows great promise. But maybe you can’t quite put your finger on where they’re falling short or how to develop their natural abilities.

F4S makes it easy for you by identifying top talent in your organization, assessing their motivations and blind spots and providing personalized coaching to cultivate their most valued qualities. 

In the process, you may even uncover hidden gems: Those employees who haven’t stood out before because they weren’t doing work aligned with their unique strengths.

Outcomes with F4S:

Optimize succession planning with data-driven insights that reveal top talent in your team.

Identify the motivations that drive top talent and the blind spots that hold them back.

Change their work styles to better align with success through our strategic coaching programs.

How F4S supports talent development

People Analytics

Gain data insights into how your employees think, work and make decisions so you can determine how well that aligns with your organization’s goals.


See how your employees stack up against top performers in your industry and find opportunities to foster their personal and professional growth.


Turn all of your team members into extraordinary performers with our rapid coaching programs available with AI or human coaches.

Identify top talent’s work traits and blind spots.

The F4S assessment will tell you what energizes your star employees, which areas may hold them back and how their results compare to our research samples of successful entrepreneurs and innovators.

These insights will help you craft a talent development strategy personalized to each individual.

"There's a lot of focus on hard skills. But at a company, what's absolutely critical is communication and soft skills - the things most companies don't spend enough time focusing on. And F4S has been an amazing tool to help us do that."

Melanie Perkins
Co-founder & CEO, Canva

Increase performance and wellbeing with coaching.

None of the 48 motivations that F4S assesses are “bad”—in fact each one can be considered a sort of personal"genius". It’s all about figuring out how a person’s top motivations and blind spots help or hurt their goals.

Our A.I. Coach guides your employees through programs based on their unique needs and goals—whether that’s to boost EQ, become a big-picture thinker or hone their gut instinct so they can more confidently make decisions.

The best part? Our world-class coaching is 100% scalable, so no team member gets left behind.

"Coaching with Marlee was simply amazing. It really helped me to reflect on my decision making style in a new light and boosted my confidence. I 200% recommend!"

Anonymous Coachee
After taking our program "Big Picture Thinker"

Track your team’s growth.

Compare and contrast your team's work style. Differences can actually improve your team's performance, but only if members know how to harness it.

We do that by helping your team work better together. 

Our platform even gives you a quantitative way to assess your team's personal growth and determine if your talent development efforts are on the right track.

"F4S is an indispensable tool in any agile company's arsenal. With the easy-to-understand insights it gives, it is my most highly utilized and recommended business management tool."

Heather Wilde
Strategic Innovation Officer, AFWERX



How to use F4S for talent acquisition


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High-performing team culture


Identify the world's best founders


Data-enhanced mentor matching

Behind the successful people you know, there’s a coach.

The world’s top companies use us to bring out the best in their teams:

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"F4S has helped me understand how I work and improved how I work with others (as I now understand key strengths.)

F4S is a central component of our people growth strategy at Canva and empowers us to harness our unique culture and optimise performance as we scale."

Cliff Obrecht
Co-founder & COO, Canva

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