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Being goal-oriented is especially helpful for inspirational leaders, starting your own business or making changes in your current company.
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What is goal oriented?

Goal oriented means being motivated by a clear vision, mission, goal or aspiration. That is to say, for you to start and complete projects, you prefer having at least one clear goal that keeps you going. 

You love attaining your objectives and others can feel you’re passionate when talking about your intentions and aspirations. This type of conversation makes you feel good and even more motivated to achieve big things.

Whether you’re working alone or with your team members, you often use words such as ‘attain’, ‘get’ and ‘gain’, as you believe they can motivate both you and others.

We call it: Goal Orientation

Your level of motivation for setting targets and to maintain focus on your goals over time.

If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.

Albert Einstein

The benefits of being goal oriented

Business Visioning

Because you are goal-oriented, you can easily predict trends and behaviors. Seeing ahead is something you’ve been doing for years now.

Strategic Thinking

You have an incredible ability for discovering the best ways of achieving your goals. Creating strategies comes naturally to you.

Inspiring Others

You may be one of the most inspiring people your coworkers have met. Your drive impresses, and you motivate others through incentives.

The blind spots of being goal oriented

Obstacle Averse

Since you may not be looking for problems and threats, you may bump into obstacles that slow you down that could have been avoided.


Your dedication to the goal at hand might mean that you get so ‘zoomed-in’ that you don’t entertain other great opportunities that pop up along the way.

Enjoy the Journey

Your goal orientation might mean you forget to stop and smell the roses, and miss enjoying the journey for the sake of the experience.

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How to become more goal oriented

1. Try visualization

What would you like to achieve in the long run? Make a list of your desires and dreams. Then, close your eyes and visualize yourself accomplishing them and notice how you feel.

2. Set short-term goals

To become more goal-oriented, you can begin to define an easy, short-term goal. When you get there, take notes of what you’ve learned. Then replicate the experience with other (perhaps more challenging) goals.

3. List your priorities and what makes you proud

What makes you feel accomplished? Make a list of achievements you feel proud of and see if they have something in common. If you can spot a trend, try setting more goals related to it.

4. Let go of fear

If you’re scared of failing, that may actually hold you back from setting goals and ultimately achieving them. Try changing your relationship with ‘failure’, by realizing it can be your best teacher.

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