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About Fingerprint for Success

Our Company:

Fingerprint for Success (F4S) is a professional and personal development platform on a mission to empower individuals and teams to work better together.

Featuring a simple and intuitive user interface and a vast range of tools for wellbeing, happiness, performance, diversity and inclusion, plus a huge library of AI and human coaching programs, anyone can set goals and achieve amazing things at work and in life.

Our Mission:

  • make human growth and development accessible to everyone
  • help individuals and teams embrace diversity to work better together
  • inspire leaders motivate themselves and their teams to create amazing company cultures
  • make peak performance and wellbeing possible (even in the hardest times!)

Our Why:

Our founder, Michelle Duval, is a pioneer in new forms of learning, helping found the field of professional coaching and developing the world's first artificially intelligent personal coach.

Using our crazy accurate and world leading people analytics tools, over the past 20 years we have studied the ‘human skills’ of individuals, teams and the world’s top performers to consistently find attitude and motivation as the X factors for performance, fulfillment and wellbeing at work.

While Michelle was helping people and teams to achieve amazing things at work and life, she grew increasingly frustrated about the profound disparity in who can access this level of rich and personalized support.

People analytics and coaching has traditionally been a privilege of the few — typically elite athletes, CEOs and those who are famous.

Michelle and our team of scientists, engineers and coaches set out to create the world’s first science-powered professional and personal development platform that everyone can use to set goals and achieve amazing things at work and in life.

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