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About Fingerprint for Success

About the Fingerprint for Success Study

Most entrepreneurial studies focus on which types of personalities or traits distinguish entrepreneurs. The F4S team wanted to examine the attitudes and motivations that distinguish entrepreneurs from the rest of the population. Could they be used to predict venture success and failure?

In a world-first 20-year study of highly successful entrepreneurs and business builders, we examined founders who started and exited businesses within five years for between $6 million and $1.2 billion, and those who profitably grew their business over 10 years or more.

Our research found statistically significant differences between the attitudes of successful entrepreneurs and business owners, and the rest of the working population.

We wanted to use this insight to help entrepreneurs and business owners succeed - and so the Fingerprint for Success app was born.

How does Fingerprint for Success work?

We've studied the behaviors and attitudes of successful entrepreneurs for 20 years.

We're nerds so you don't have to be.

Meet Michelle

For more than 20 years, my passion has been to work with those who invent the businesses, lifestyles, tools and the culture of tomorrow—the people who create our world’s future.

During my childhood, my father owned a small fashion business representing numerous global fashion brands. Passionate as he was about his business, we as a family traversed the anxious ups and downs of regularly not being paid on time or in full.

I remember thinking, “There has to be a better way of running this business”, but my father wasn’t open to alternate approaches from a 12-year old.

When I eventually started my first business in 1997, one of Australia’s earliest professional coaching firms, we attracted an international niche of creative artists such as actors, writers, producers, inventors and entrepreneurs. While coaching these business owners—some already very successful and others struggling—I noticed that as we facilitated changes in their personal attitudes, something important happened: their business results changed, too.

I could see a direct relationship between our personal work and our clients making a genuine difference in the world.

After noticing this relationship, my team was eager to scientifically test my thesis that people’s motivations and attitudes influence their business outcomes.

Michelle Duval
Founder + CEO

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