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We're driven by a passionate team of behavioral scientists, data scientists, engineers, and coaches who are committed to bringing out the best in everyone right in the flow of work anywhere, anytime.

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We asked our team why they joined Fingerprint For Success and what gets them up to do what they do every day.

Here’s what they shared:

“I joined F4S because I believe everyone has a right to a happy, healthy, and productive work environment.

After many years working for volunteer-driven for-purpose organizations, I understand the difference it makes when someone is truly motivated in their work, and how fragile that motivation can be when it’s not nurtured.

I believe F4S has the power to transform work for billions of people, making us a happier, healthier world.

I'm most proud to have worked on our Team Culture tools, which surface the affinities and differences in a team and foster understanding and productive disagreement instead of misunderstandings and conflict.”

Fred Stark


“I wanted to join F4S because not only did F4S seem to respect the ever-changing needs of people (full remote work), but the company also seemed to be building a product that was aimed at providing something of real value to the world.

When I was testing the product, I found that F4S’s insights tool could be used to improve communication between people and teams, which to me was super important, as I believe that good communication makes a good team, and a good team makes a good workplace.”

Speed Chan


“In an increasingly technological world, Fingerprint for Success keeps its focus on helping to elevate human beings by bringing the best of ourselves with deep knowledge, enthusiasm, care and empathy.

With all the tools it provides for teams and individual's improvement, F4S is really on the path of shaping a better world for all of us and the new generations to come.

It's such a powerful and necessary message that I couldn't imagine a better place to collaborate as a graphic designer.”

Dan Lago


“I chose to join Fingerprint for Success because of Michelle's vision to push the boundaries of conversational AI toward having more capacity for making real human connections, and her commitment to do that in an ethically considered way.

To this end, I am particularly proud of taking responsibility for creating the first draft of our Ethical Commitments, and for embodying these commitments by deep diving into investigating and mitigating unfair bias when creating Ask Marlee: a feature that gives Marlee incredible capabilities (but also brings the risks) of the latest advancements in LLM and other NLP technologies”

Hannah Clark-Younger


“I joined F4S 2 years after my son was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia. I’d been on a journey to better understand the range of neurodiverse conditions and was then diagnosed with ADHD in adulthood.

It’s a privilege to work for an organization with the technology to highlight everyone’s unique strengths and to identify and support the development of any blind spots needed to achieve personal or professional goals.

I’ve worked in many global enterprise organizations and seen firsthand how challenging it can be to communicate, convince, and collaborate with key stakeholders when everyone has such different work styles.

The F4S platform is a game-changer. I only wish I’d had access to it years ago - I could’ve rolled out many projects in the past in one-tenth of the time!”

Emily Willis


“F4S is on a mission to make coaching available to everyone. I've been lucky enough to benefit from executive coaching in previous companies and I want to help make that available to all employees in every company!”

Ross Findlay


“So, why did I choose to join F4S? The answer lies in my personal journey. I've been fortunate to experience the power of executive coaching, which has helped me understand myself and facilitated my growth in unique ways.

This opportunity for self-discovery and development should be wider than an employee's experience level or a country's wealth. F4S is a game-changer because it opens the doors of coaching to everyone, ensuring that personal and professional growth is accessible to all.

In my time with F4S, I've witnessed the team's relentless dedication to our mission. One project that fills me with pride is the Talent Hub. It's a testament to our commitment to putting our users at the centre of everything we do.

The Talent Hub brought together our diverse team, collaborating from various angles to solve problems for our users. This initiative bridges individuals with the right opportunities and helps companies find the perfect fit. We are all looking for roles and companies beyond just the job description. It's a win-win that embodies our values and mission.”

Jon Whitby


“As a Product Manager, it’s important to not mistake your personal experience for that of your customers. But my journey to F4S symbolizes exactly what I love about the work we do.

When I stumbled upon F4S, I was in the midst of a significant life transition, having just moved from New York to Sydney, and left a role in a company that was so unique I didn’t think I had a hope of finding another role that would bring me the same joy.

In trying to learn more about what motivated me, I came across F4S and was fascinated by the results.

I initially applied for a different role and my interview with Michelle was unlike any I’d had before. I was candid about the fact that I was inspired by F4S’s mission, but I was still figuring out what role would be the best fit for me.

Michelle wasn’t remotely deterred by that, and we shifted away from a conventional interview to more of a coaching session - a deep dive into what motivated me in my past roles.

It was clear that Michelle wanted to understand what would make me excited to come to work every day.

When I was invited back for another interview, I was blown away by how much Michelle had come to understand me from spending just one hour together. She talked me through my motivation results, and how they might come into play in a variety of different roles.

Having considered my motivations, my experience, and my interests, she asked me if I'd ever considered Product Management. From her coaching experience, she felt that it might be a role I would enjoy.

After a lot of research into the role and a few more coaching sessions, I started at F4S. Today, as a Product Manager, I can confidently say it's the perfect fit for me.

Michelle's coaching not only guided me to a fulfilling role but also shaped one of the pivotal moments of my career.

That experience is why I chose to work at F4S, and I'm driven every day by the goal of making that opportunity accessible to every one of our users.”

Bethany Cutmore Scott


“An initiative that truly lights me up is 'Research For a Cause,' a living expression of our value: 'Celebrate Uniqueness.'  

From uncovering the exciting and important cognitive differences of ADHD, Dyslexia, and Depression to exploring generational differences and even the impact and influence of the Emoji at work, our research is more than just data — it uncovers exciting differences that demand attention and is reshaping global conversations at scale!”

Isabella Donato


“I came from a background of Economics and Finance, and subscribe to the idealogy that ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’. My understanding of what this means though, evolved through a first-hand experience of the power of developmental and transformational coaching in my own personal and professional development.

This experience inspired me to learn and hone the craft of coaching and as a result, I’ve had the privilege of coaching individuals, groups, and teams with some incredible and life-changing results. I realized my purpose when I started to see the ripple effects of the change expand not only for those people I coached, but also for those around them, and in many cases between generations. However, I deeply felt like the range of the significant impact I was making was limited.

So when I learned that the mission at F4S was to make human development accessible to EVERYONE, this spoke directly to my purpose. That I could be part of something that elevates our collective consciousness, to pioneer the next stage of human evolution, and actualize that change into meaningful and impactful realities.

Having been part of the F4S team now for 3 years, I’m proud to have coached founders, teams, and companies who are focused on sustainable change for the future, developed a well-being coaching program that is delivered by an AI Coach (that is accessible for anyone around the world with an Internet connection), launching a global community of change-makers who are passionate about making a difference and growing a team of incredible coaches to amplify our impact and actualize the mission of human development. “

Max Young

Head Coach

“I believe I was put on this planet at this time, to help people live their lives with love, self-awareness, and presence. It’s why I do the work I do - and most importantly, it’s why I work at F4S.

We have this incredible platform, combined with a team of super-committed people, and we’re united under a single mission to help everyone achieve amazing things in life. It really is my honor to work here.”

Jade Grimwood

Leadership Operations

“The F4S product has helped me learn more about my strengths and empowers me to remain conscious of what is demotivating at work. This has completely changed how I view myself and others in the workplace.

I originally joined F4S after being inspired by their unique mission to democratize access to human development and witnessing the tool’s impact on my life. However, after seeing these data-driven insights’ positive effect on companies, teams, and individuals worldwide, I continue to grow more grateful to be part of the company’s journey daily.”

Jack Rowland

Research & Community

“My life's mission has always been to help make a difference and be of service to people in need, and I am fortunate to be part of a company that celebrates this same mission and holds values that resonate with me.

I am beyond grateful for being part of F4S, where I get to work with like-minded individuals and have the opportunity to contribute to this amazing platform that will help users achieve great things and be the best version of themselves!”

Sofia Tampilic

Customer Success

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