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F4S Named a Winner in Inc.’s Inaugural Power Partner Awards

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Sydney, NSW, November 1, 2022 – Inc. Business Media today announced the inaugural Power PartnerAwards, honoring B2B organizations across the globe that have proven track records supporting entrepreneurs and helping startups grow. The list recognizes 252 firms in marketing and advertising, health and human resources, financial planning, engineering, logistics, and security, as well as other areas of business.

F4S was one of the top companies that received top marks from clients for being instrumental in helping leadership navigate the dynamic world of startups. These B2B partners support entrepreneurs across various facets of the business, including hiring, compliance, infrastructure development, cloud migration, fundraising, etc., allowing founders to focus on their core missions. 


“Trusted B2B partners provide guidance and expertise that founders rely on at various steps of their organization’s journey. Partners that possess a demonstrated ability to deliver quality support are at the core of entrepreneurship and help bring big ideas to life,” says Scott Omelianuk, editor-in-chief of Inc. Business media. 


“I want to thank our partners for sharing their appreciation of the impact F4S is having on their businesses. We feel honored and inspired everyday supporting our innovative and world-changing customers” said Michelle Duval, Founder and CEO of Fingerprint For Success. 

Gen Zs and millennials are faced with a very uncertain time. As the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re now living through worsening extreme weather events, frightening geopolotical conflicts, rising inequality, inflation and job uncertainty. 

Climate change will bring a century of climate migration. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees reports the highest levels of human displacement on record. One in every 78 people on earth has been forced to flee. Wherever you live, migration will affect you.

Amid the constant change, many Gen Zs and millennials are changing their work habits. As many as 43% of Gen Zs and 33% of millennials have a second part- or full-time paying job in addition to their primary job. Many are moving to less expensive cities with remote jobs (Deloitte).

The answer to solving these enourmous global challenges already exists within these generations. With coaching we can unlock the untapped resources of Gen Zs and millennials. Through personal development, we can solve today’s global challenges and achieve a sustainable and bright future for them, for their children and for the generations to come.

Our “Coach Marlee” app is a data-driven, highly scalable yet personalized tech innovation that has the power to rapidly evolve with new insights to help individuals and teams bring out the best in themselves and each other at work in real time.


As the world's first artificially intelligent Coach, Marlee is based on decades of evidence-based research. Professional coaching has always been reserved for elites. Coach Marlee is the first time AI has been used in this way and is enabling us to make coaching accessible to anyone, anywhere. It’s truly democratizing personalized support and accelerating growth for our customers.


“Fingerprint For Success has been crucial for our Baraja teams”, says Reshmi Buthello, VP of People and Culture at Baraja. “We use F4S for new team formations and new starters, which gives us direction for team compositions, hiring and conflict resolution. There are so many "aha" moments when we go through these debriefs.”


Since coming onboard with Fingerprint For Success in October 2017, Canva has been awarded Great Place to Work Australia every year since 2018. “We have implemented it across our entire organization as a part of how we onboard new starters to Canva,” said Melanie Perkins, Canva CEO & Cofounder. “We also use F4S when forming new teams to help us understand our team and the dynamic between team members. In our commitment to help our teams grow and develop, F4S helped us to hire professional coaches and to launch a successful internal coaching program for our teams. Coaching has proven to be a great way to help our leaders scale themselves, as Canva scales.”

R3i Ventures, an investment firm and accelerator program called the House of DeepTech connects deeptech visionaries with the talent, know-how, and access to capital to scale breakthrough scientific innovation for impact. Leesa Soulodre, General Partner of R3i Ventures says “F4S is a central component of R3i's learning and development strategy. It serves as a critical tool for our talent acquisition, team architecting, and high-performance coaching”.

Inc. partnered with leading global social and media intelligence platform Meltwater to develop a proprietary methodology that uses sentiment from online conversations about organizations and translates it into numerical scores. Companies were evaluated on commitment, reliability, trust, creativity, supportiveness, and other virtues that offer value to clients. Inc. also conducted surveys to gather client testimonials as part of the process. 

To view the complete list, go to:

The November 2022 Issue of Inc. magazine is available online now at and will be on newsstands beginning November 8, 2022.

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