Learn what makes the Thai working population unique to its global partners

Thailand culture map of working population

In this webinar, we will be revealing the never before seen findings of the Thai Culture Map. A Culture Map is a groundbreaking study, providing insights into the motivations, attitudes, and behaviours of the Thailand working population. It is a statistical deep-dive into the Thai working culture, representing many unseen or yet-to-be-discovered talents unique to Thailand.

Built on 20 years of evidence-based research in the field of cognitive behaviour, a Culture Map can provide detailed information on how to leverage, strategize and better understand new opportunities for the Thai workforce. This data can be applied across all verticals of business, entrepreneurship, investment, industry, government, and education to inform decisions for the future of economic growth and development.

WHEN: Thursday, August 25th at 04:00 pm AEST, 01:00 pm ICT, 02:00 pm SGT

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Key takeaways

In this free, high-demand workshop you’ll learn:

  1. Learn about the work attitudes and preferences that define the Thai Working Culture
  2. Uncover the attitudes and motivations that correlate with early and mature stage venture success and failure
  3. Find out how Thailand's working culture compares to some of its major trade partners including; Australia, Japan, the US, and Malaysia
  4. Discover insights into understanding the working preferences of Thai people, including their unique talents, blind spots, and opportunities for growth

About your hosts

Matija Squire

Matija Squire also known as Tia is the Research Team Lead at Fingerprint for Success. Tia’s background is in languages, entrepreneurship, and culture, as a mentor, consultant, and guest lecturer. She served 3 terms as a board director for the Australia Philippines Business Council and hosted the first ever Philippines - Australia Innovation Forum in Sydney Australia. Tia has actively been involved in the South East Asia Startup Community since 2019.

Charle Charoenphan

Charle is a serial entrepreneur, magician, firefighter, and CEO at HUBBA, Thailand’s First Startup and Innovation Platform. Charle is passionate about entrepreneurship and helping others using his unique skills and experience and has been using F4S since 2017 in one of Thailand's first accelerator programs with DVA and is the first F4S Coach trained in Thailand. Charle also brought F4S to Techsauce Sauce Summit since 2017 and has been using F4S extensively in the last 6 years for his own company, supporting startups, investors, and government and corporate clients such as SCB, SCGP, PTG, etc.

Annie Luu

Annie has been coaching and mentoring leaders, early-stage founders, and teams across APAC over the last 10 years. Previously Annie was the ex-General Manager of Investible, a global group of Investors and VC Fund that invests in early-stage start-ups. Annie has delivered over 22 accelerator programs and 300 events on business model validation, investor readiness, and pitching for capital.

More about the workshop

Your hosts will be sharing some practical tips on how to get the most out of these findings.

At the end, we'll have time for a Q&A session, so be sure to attend live!

You'll also receive:

  • Practical tips on how to use data analytics to help foster an entrepreneurial mindset 📋
  • Learn the top countries that Thailand has high synergy with
  • Better understand the unique talents of Thai people
  • The chance to win a 3-month coaching program to better understand yourself 🎁

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