Mental Health at Work: Psychological Health and Safety

In this session hear from renowned psychological health and safety expert and psychologist Jason van Schie from FlourishDx on how having a holistic mental health strategy can help organizations reap the benefits of psychologically healthy workers.

WHEN: Thursday, March 16 at 10:00 am AEDT

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Key takeaways

In this free, high-demand workshop you’ll learn how to:

  1. Learn what psychological health & safety is and why it is important
  2. Determine what qualifies as a psychosocial hazard
  3. Gain practical tips and insights to help elevate psychological health and safety to the same level as physical health and safety in your workplace

More about the workshop

Matija Squire, Head of Community at F4S and Jason van Schie, Managing Director at FlourishDx, will be sharing some practical and pragmatic tips on experiences, insights and lessons regarding psychological health & safety. At the end, we'll have time for a Q&A session, so be sure to attend live!

You'll also receive:

1. Practical tips for psychological health & safety📋
2. Learn the top challenges for meeting the ISO of psychological health & safety
3. Learn about new WHS regulations dealing with psychosocial risk 🎁

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About your hosts

Jason van Schie
Jason is a psychologist (Masters in Occupational Psychology) and founder of FlourishDx where he helps organizations around the world understand and apply psychological health and safety. He is also the co-host of the Psych Health and Safety Podcast and course instructor on the FlourishDx Academy

Matija Squire also known as Tia is the Head of Community and Research Coordinator at Fingerprint for Success. She is deeply passionate about inspiring the workplaces of the future where cognitive diversity is not only embraced, it is celebrated. Tia’s background is in languages, entrepreneurship and culture, as a mentor, consultant and guest lecturer.

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