Empowering Inclusive Workplaces:
Exploring Dyslexia

As part of neurodiverse webinar series and global research study, we are excited to partner in collaboration with CCS Corporation, and Remarkable Minds NZ to bring you a panel of expert coaches, facilitators, and neurodiverse leaders exploring Dyslexia in work and in life. 

To learn more about our global research study on Dyslexia where we are looking to uncover the unique talents of individuals with Dyslexia here.

WHEN: Weds, July 27 at 07:00 pm AEST, 10:00 am BST, 5:00 pm SGT

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Key takeaways

In this free, high-demand workshop you’ll learn:

  1. Learn the top challenges people with Dyslexia face in work and life
  2. Better understand the unique talents of people with Dyslexia
  3. Gain practical tips and insights based on real-life experiences for leaders, teams, and organizations to help people with Dyslexia thrive at work.

About your hosts

Matija Squire

Matija Squire also known as Tia is the Head of our Research team at Fingerprint for Success. She is deeply passionate about inspiring the workplaces of the future where cognitive diversity is not only embraced, it is celebrated. Tia’s background is in languages, entrepreneurship, and culture, as a mentor, consultant, and guest lecturer.

Vanessa Victor

Vanessa’s journey with neurodiversity started with her son’s diagnosis back in 2007. She is the co-founder of Remarkable Minds and provides personalised coaching that enables people to harness their differences, understand their brain, and themselves and learn how to function and thrive in their career, their relationships and their life. This passion for raising awareness and understanding of dyslexia and other neurodiverse conditions led her to be a co-founder of Truth About Dyslexia, a thriving online community for adult dyslexics.

Leonie Cutts

Leonie is a co-founding director of CCS Corporation, the developers of the Compatibility Communication System (CCS Cards). She is the principal coach, facilitator, and creator of products that bring people together for meaningful connection. The CCS is a communication tool that helps create open and honest communication and has been used by thousands of trainers, coaches, and learning experts around the world.

More about the workshop

Tia, Leonie, and Vanessa will be sharing some practical and pragmatic tips on experiences, insights, and lessons regarding Dyslexia in work and in life.  

At the end, we'll have time for a Q&A session, so be sure to attend live!

You'll also receive:

  • Practical tips on how to use data analytics to help people with Dyslexia better understand themselves 📋
  • Learn the top challenges people with Dyslexia face in work and life
  • Better understand the unique talents of people with Dyslexia
  • The chance to win a 3-month coaching program to better understand yourself 🎁

Note: Limited virtual seats available, please register to make sure you don't miss out!