Creating a Culture of Belonging: Advancing DEI at Work

Embracing diversity and promoting equity and inclusion leads to a more innovative, collaborative, and empathetic workplace culture, where all individuals feel valued, respected, and empowered to bring their whole selves to work.

Take away from this webinar the unique perspectives of our guest panelists on how to create a culture of belonging and inclusivity, now and into the future. 

WHEN: Thursday, May 11 at 10:00 am AEST

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Key takeaways

In this free, high-demand workshop you’ll gain insights into:

  1. Exploring the fundamentals and importance of DEI, and how it's reshaping the workplace and the world  💡
  2. Discovering the unique perspectives and lived experiences of our guest panelists 🧠
  3. Learning how to leverage data to drive a DEI&AB journey 🚘
  4. Collecting ideas and resources to drive purpose and performance through evidence-based strategies and initiatives 💪
  5. Understanding the evolution of DEI+AB in an ever-changing workforce 🏢
  6. Taking DEI from concept to habit and foster collective action 👥

More about the workshop

Tia, Kim and Li will be sharing some practical and pragmatic tips on experiences, insights and lessons regarding advancing DEI in the workplace.

At the end, we'll have time for a Q&A session, so be sure to attend live!

You'll also receive:

  1. Practical tips on how to use data analytics to help better understand workplace culture 📋
  2. Learn the top challenges faced by companies, teams and leaders in achieving diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces 
  3. Better understand the role of implicit bias in the workplace
  4. The chance to win an hour of power to uncover your team's unique culture with a Master Success Coach🎁

Note: Limited virtual seats available, please register to make sure you don't miss out!

About your hosts

Kim Gascoigne (she/her)
As Diversity & Inclusion Sales program lead for Cisco APJC, Kim implements programs to educate and drive diversity and inclusion across the region. She has implemented a range of programs including a top talent program specifically for women, focused and centred around sponsorship and mentorship. She produced a 12-part video series for Cisco's social media channels called ‘Powering an Inclusive Future for All’ featuring personal stories from Cisco employees.

Matija Squire (she/her)
Matija Squire also known as Tia is the Head of our Research team at Fingerprint for Success. She is deeply passionate about diversity in the workplace, being diagnosed with both ADHD & dyslexia. Through research Tia is determined to inspire the workplaces of the future where cognitive diversity is not only embraced, it is celebrated. Tia’s background is in languages, entrepreneurship and culture, as a mentor, consultant and guest lecturer.

Li Harper (they/them)
Li is the Studio Talent Group Coordinator at Disney’s Industrial Light & Magic. Li is a passionate advocate for increased diversity and representation within all branches of the entertainment industry. Li shares their lived experience as a disabled and LGBTQIA+ person of colour working across the tech, gaming and creative industries, with a view to educate, increase visibility and eliminate the stigma surrounding minority groups.

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