You can help the world prevent anxiety

In 2021, people around the world are feeling more anxious than ever.

To help, we are conducting a global study to help scientists, psychologists, and coaches find ways to prevent it.

How your answers will help

Together (with your help!) we can achieve the following:

  • Advance the global understanding of anxiety
  • Identify key correlations that may help contribute to the prevention and/or treatment of anxiety
  • Help us create an evidence-based program that will help people manage or even overcome their anxiety very quickly and affordably.

Your benefits for participating:

It will take only 15-25 minutes to answer the two surveys, and in return you’ll get:

  1. Immediate access to free coaching programs with our AI Coach Marlee
  2. Exclusive first access to the findings
  3. A free pass to the coaching program we develop to help treat anxiety

Who we are

Fingerprint for Success (F4S) is a human development platform on a mission to empower individuals and teams achieve crazy big goals at work and in life.

Launched in 2016, our platform is used by people in 178 countries, and counting.

Previously, we have partnered with giants like Canva and Startup Genome on global studies that have lead to world-first discoveries and the development of alternative treatments, coaching programs and further research.

For this study on anxiety, we are partnering with some of the world’s leading communities to ensure our research is as impactful and helpful as possible.

Your answers are 100% anonymous.

To participate, you will need to share your email address so we can send you  the research findings and your free pass to the coaching program.

  • Please use the same email for both surveys (so we know you’re done!)
  • Rest assured all of our research analysis is done with de-identified results. This means your name and email is removed from your data and all of your answers are both anonymized and secured for your privacy.

Join our study on Anxiety

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