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Remember that  excited-to-get-out-of-bed  feeling?

That’s what our coaching does.

Crush your goals

Set your goals in the app & our AI magic will curate the perfect online coaching plan to fit your unique traits and goals.

Boost wellbeing

Take our assessment to pinpoint what motivates you. Then, pair with wellbeing coaching for a quick boost.

Love what you do

Use the scientific insights into your unique talents & blind spots to hack your way to that next promotion or dream job.

Anytime, anywhere

Coaching sessions take 5-10 minutes, twice a week and are 100% flexible — you pick the time, the day, the place!

Finally, coaching for everyone.

Vital Wellbeing

Increase your energy, vitality, and general wellbeing. Strengthen emotional resilience & self-esteem.

Big Picture Thinker

Prioritize better, be more productive & increase creativity with big picture thinking.
a person with a magnifying glass and sirkel representing attention to detail

Attention to Detail

Learn how to build a strong team culture no matter where your team is located.

Goal Catcher

Inspire and motivate yourself and others to see and achieve grand visions and goals.

Personal Power

Value and use your position or authority for awesome impact, and feel comfortable doing so.

Increase EQ

Turn up a whole new channel of awareness in reading yourself and others.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a science-based process that unlocks your inner genius.
Coaching helps you recognize your own brilliance, overcome life’s challenges and design the life & career of your dreams.

Frequently asked questions

How does coaching work?

Your coach will guide you through a series of questions to help you set a goal to work towards. From there, you will have two coaching sessions per week (they usually only take around 5-10 minutes each), where your coach will:

  • help you determine which action steps you should take that week to bring you closer to your goal 🎯
  • hold you accountable to the plan you set—to increase the likelihood you'll stick to it 💪
  • ask you relevant questions to help you reflect on any obstacles or blind spots you encounter 🔍
  • celebrate your wins with you! 🎊

This is the general process any type of coach will follow; whether that's a life coach, athletic coach, executive coach, leadership coach, etc.

Wondering why you can't do this alone? Accountability is key, but also, coaching is based on a scientifically-proven process that you simply cannot replicate without proper coach training and plenty of experience.

Has coaching been scientifically proven?

Yes, it has been proven to be extremely effective. The International Coaching Federation conducted a global study on coaching and the results will blow you away:

  • 80% of those coached saw improved self-confidence
  • 73%: saw improved relationships
  • 72% saw improved communication skills
  • 70% saw improved work performance
  • 61% saw improved business management
  • 57% saw improved time management
  • 51% saw improved team performance

Pretty impressive, right? They're exciting results, but we have to admit—not all coaches can get you those results.

Fingerprint for Success founder, Michelle Duval, is a pioneer in the field of coaching. She's written multiple books that are used to train coaches around the world today, trained hundreds of coaches herself, and has spent 20+ years researching the science behind human behavior.

She's helped founders scale their businesses and exit for between $6 million and $1.2 billion dollars. You can read more about her here, but needless to say, her coaching methods are truly the Gold Standard in the coaching industry!

We've got the data to back it up: over 90% of users achieve their goals within 4-9 weeks of our online coaching sessions—that is miles ahead of the results found by the International Coach Federation.

We encourage you to try it for yourself. Sessions only take around 5-10 minutes, twice a week, and all of our individual coaching programs are currently free.

You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain.

Which type of coaching is right for me?

There are hundreds of different types of coaching, but the most common ones are: life coaching, executive coaching, business coaching, athletic coaching, and leadership coaching.

How do you know which is right for you? It all depends on what you're hoping to get out of your coaching program.

Our online coaching app is unique in that you don't need to know what kind of coaching you want to do, because each program is tailored specifically to your unique traits and goals. You have a few different options to get started:

  1. Take the crazy-accurate F4S assessment to measure 48 unique motivations. This will quickly pinpoint your top five talents and blind spots, and based on this, our magic AI will curate a selection of online coaching programs that will help you quickly overcome any blind spots.
  2. Another option is to skip the assessment (you can always come back to that later!) and dive right into coaching. Just enter your goal inside the app, and our magic AI will curate the programs that will help you achieve that goal.
  3. If you're not sure what goal you want to achieve, or are having a hard time deciding between a few different ones, we recommend diving right into our Goal Crusher program. This program was designed specifically to help you set meaningful goals and will provide training that will increase your motivation for working towards goals. This is a great program to kickstart your overall coaching experience, and will help you get even more out of future programs you take.
What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

In a nutshell, the difference between coaching and therapy is this: coaching tends to be future-oriented and focused on helping you achieve your goals, whereas therapy tends to be past-oriented and focused on issues from your past.

This is a simplified way to look at it, and is not always the case—some coaching questions will naturally lead you to analyze or focus on the past to understand what has influenced your current beliefs, and some therapy sessions will focus on setting goals for the future.

But in general, a coach is mainly interested in helping you make quantifiable changes in your life so you can reach your goals. They will help you become aware of your greatest talents and any blind spots that hold you back from reaching your goals, plus they will hold you accountable throughout the process to keep pushing you forward.

Therapy often does not have a specific, targeted direction. A therapist is there to discuss anything with, but generally will not serve as an accountability partner and will often focus sessions primarily around past traumas or conflicts.

Is coaching better than counseling?

They serve different purposes and are not mutually exclusive. If you have recently experienced a particularly painful or traumatic life event and are finding it hard to function regularly, we recommend seeking out a counselor so you have someone to talk to and to call in case of emergency.

But we'd also recommend giving one of our coaching programs a try. They are low-commitment as they only take around 15-minutes a week, and they can help you to set a meaningful goal, while increasing your energy and motivation—all of which are critical to healing and finding meaning in life again! Combining them will give you a richer experience and help you to build a life you love even faster.

If you'd like to pair coaching with counseling, we recommend you check out either our Vital Wellbeing or Goal Catcher online coaching program to start with.

What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?

The difference between coaching and mentoring is fairly simple; a coach is someone who is trained in helping an individual or team achieve a particular goal, whereas a mentor is someone with specific experience in your industry who can provide advice, but will not hold you accountable or use science to guide you to achieving your goal.

We wrote an entire blog post on coaching and mentoring, so feel free to check that out!

I am a coach — can I use your online coaching app with my clients?

Our online coaching app is a perfect tool for all coaches to have in their tool belt when working with clients. We offer online coach training, including weekly coach mentoring workshops to help you develop your skills. We are also hiring executive & wellness coaches from around the world to help deliver our custom coaching packages to some of the world's top companies, including Canva, Atlassian, Verizon, KPMG and more.

How do I know if coaching is right for me?

Coaching can help anyone and everyone unlock potential and achieve their goals, so if you are feeling stuck, frustrated, bored, or just wanting to make a change in your life, our online coaching programs can help.

90% of our users achieve their goals within 4-9 weeks, and sessions only take 5-10 minutes and are free for individual users, so you've got nothing to lose.

Who will be my coach?

We're glad you asked! In order to achieve our mission of making coaching accessible to everyone (not just the elite with deep pockets) our team of expert coaches and behavioral scientists have developed a revolutionary A.I. coach, named Coach Marlee.

Each program has been designed by an expert coach and implemented by A.I. wizards, so your experience is exactly the same as it would be if you were having a personal one-to-one coaching session with our founder and pioneer coach, Michelle Duval.

People from around the world (180 countries and counting) are absolutely loving their experiences with Marlee. Keep scrolling down the page to see testimonials from real users.

You might be wondering: what happens if I get stuck and want to talk to a human?

We've got you covered—if you ever get stuck in a session with Marlee and decide you'd rather chat with a human coach, that option is available as well—just let us know.

Can an A.I. coach really be as good as a human coach?

Absolutely. Coach Marlee uses science-based coaching methods, receives an average of 4.2+ stars (out of 5) overall rating from our users, and helps 90% of users achieve their goals.

These stats show that Marlee is even more effective than the average human coach.*

Marlee truly is changing the world as everyone with internet access can now afford life-changing coaching that the world's top performers, CEOs, celebrities and leaders have used as the secret fuel for their success for decades.

*When compared to the statistics we mentioned in the earlier FAQ section on: "Has coaching been scientifically proven?"

How does pricing work?

F4S has three plans:

  1. Free - $0 / mo: This plan has everything you need to get started in F4S as an individual user.
  2. Pro - $11.99 / mo: This is what you need if you want to use F4S with your team of 5+ people.
  3. Org - $11.99 / user / mo: This is for organizations who want to use F4S with their entire team.

Check out our pricing plan page for more details on what each plan includes.

What's included in the free plan of F4S?

If you are just looking to start online coaching for yourself, the free plan should be enough to get you started.

With the free plan you can:

  • Access free Coach Marlee programs
  • View results for 48 motivational traits
  • Connect and view results of friends
  • Benchmark yourself and others
  • Rank yourself and others
  • View & compare up to 5 people in a team

We recommend diving right in with a free plan now to get a feel for the app. It's easy to upgrade later if you decide to!

What happens if I miss a session?

Don't sweat it! We know you're busy, that's why we've designed our programs to be 100% flexible.

You get to pick when you want to jump in and do a session, but for optimum results we ask you to commit to twice/week (ideally Monday and Friday). Coach Marlee will hop into your inbox when your next session is ready to help you stay on track.

Each session is usually only 5-10 minutes so they are easy to commit to, and once you start, you'll love the natural high you get from crushing your goals.

How much time do I need to spend each week to see results?

Each online coaching session only takes around 5-10 minutes to complete, and you'll have two coaching sessions per week.

But how much time you spend per week completing the action plan you create with Marlee in order to achieve your main goal is totally up to you, and depends on your goal.

90% of our users achieve their goals by the end of their first program with Marlee, so no matter how much (or little) time you have to spend, it's a safe bet that you'll be able to crush your goals too.

What is the ROI of coaching?

The ROI of coaching has been found to be anywhere from 520% to 788%, depending on the study. In our "What is coaching" article, we go over the ROI of coaching in more detail.

Michelle Duval (F4S founder, expert coach, and the brains behind every single Marlee program) has helped founders scale and exit their businesses for between $6 million and $1.2 billion dollars. That quality of coaching is baked into every single online coaching session inside F4S.

Links of interest:

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Uncover your talents with our crazy-accurate assessment

Based on 20+ years of research, our revolutionary assessment is over 90% accurate and measures 48 different motivations — for a result that’s as unique as your fingerprint.
F4S dashboard giving an overview

Set a goal & let our magic AI curate your online coaching path

Over 90% of users achieve their goals by the end of their first coaching program.

Just set your goal & our smart AI will recommend the perfect series of online coaching programs to help you achieve it.
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Melanie Perkins
Co-founder & COO, Canva
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Hack your growth with 15-minute online coaching sessions

Built by expert coaches & scientists, AI-powered Coach Marlee delivers personalized coaching that suits your unique traits & goals.

Plus, sessions are totally flexible; chat when and where you like—with your morning coffee, on your daily commute, or even from bed.


Adored by users in 180+ countries

An amazing experience

"Marlee's questions are very thought provoking and really served as a sounding board for me. It's an amazing experience."
Age 29, Australia

I forgot it was A.I.

"I forgot that it was AI. I  honestly felt like I was talking to somebody. It's very soulful."  
Age 61, United States

My mindset shifted

"My mindset towards goals has really shifted. I tried to look for goals for most of my life and I just didn't have a lot. And now I I've got a whole vision board over here!"
Age 47, United States

I have grown as a human 10x

"I have personally benefited and grown as a human being 10x since coaching with the F4S platform."
Age 32, Singapore

Unlocked the secret of goals

"It was pivotal. Breaking my goal into small chunks, I now have unlocked the secret for other goals too."
Age 57, Australia

Boosted my confidence

"Marlee was simply amazing. Really helped me to reflect on my decision making style in a new light and boosted my confidence.
200% recommend!”
Age 35, Singapore

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