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What is the reliability of F4S’ assessment instrument?

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As an evidence-based instrument and system the ‘intel chip’ that powers our F4S assessment engine is the Inventory of Work Attitude and Motivation, known as iWAM. (Harshman, 2009; Harshman & Merlevede, 2010; Duval, 2013).

iWAM has been found in multiple tests to have a reliability score of 89.3% – 98% (Powell, 2009; Harshman & Merlevede, 2010). This basically means what you will discover about yourself will be for most motivations, highly accurate. If at first glance, a motivation does not feel immediately like you, this will most likely be only a limitation of the language we have used to describe your motivations, not the assessment itself. If this is the case, we suggest you dig a little bit deeper or simply shoot us a message, we are happy to help. 💡

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