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What is culture in F4S?

Definitions + Terms
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To give your motivation levels context and significance, we contrast them against a sample of others working in your local culture. 🌎

Currently we can contrast your motivations against the local working populations in; Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Netherlands, Russia, UK, USA and South Africa. We are adding new populations soon.

Motivation levels in your culture range between 0 – 100 with 50 being the normative average. The further any of your levels are from 50, indicates just how high or low your motivation sits within your culture.

Levels in the minuses, (so less than 0), and higher than 100 mean your motivation is outside the levels of others in your culture.

Lower values of minus 50, or even lower, are considered extremely low and levels of 150 or higher are considered extreme on the high end. Both extremes highlight your rarity and uniqueness. For those statistically minded motivation levels of minus 50 or 150 are both two standard deviations from the average motivation level in your culture.

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