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What is benchmarking in F4S?

About F4S
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F4S will Benchmark your motivations and those of others you invite, against our research samples of highly successful entrepreneurs who achieved early stage venture success, exiting for between $6m and $1.2billion or business builders who profitably grew their business over 10-15 years or longer.

You can discover your natural entrepreneurial talents for venture success and also your ‘blind spots’ within three entrepreneurial zones.

Green Zone 🟢 – is the sweet spot! Motivations that align with venture success.

Orange Zone 🟠 – indicate a slightly higher or lower motivation level than we found in our success sample groups. With self-awareness and focus, these motivations can be managed for venture success.

Red Zone 🔴 – While these will often be special or even genius attitudes in other domains, motivations found within the Red Zone are indications of entrepreneurial ‘blind spots’. They are your risk factors in business and the ideal motivations to seek in co-founders, board members and founding teams, for venture success.

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