The attitudes and motivations of Thai people

What makes the Thai Working Culture Unique

Culture is a subject that can provide realisations into the attitudes and behaviours of a working population. The Thailand Culture Map study is a groundbreaking and insightful analysis of the unique culture of the Thailand working population. Built on 20 years of evidence-based research in the field of cognitive behaviour, it provides detailed information on how to leverage, strategize and better understand new opportunities for the Thai workforce.

Using these data-driven insights, all sectors including government, education, communities and the existing start-up ecosystem can recognise the attitudinal strengths and blind spots of the Thailand working population. It demonstrates areas for competitiveness and innovation, where the working population as a whole can evolve through the introduction of targeted programs, policies and exposure to new ways of understanding working attitudes locally and across the globe.

The top 5 motivations of the Thai workforce

Thai people prefer to see or experience something for themselves to be convinced, are pragmatic with a focus on the here and now and like a clear rationale behind each decision or project. They value having the right information and are highly focused on their performance.

The lowest 5 motivations of the Thai workforce

Thai people are concerned about the explicit or unwritten rules and expectations of others and prefer a Group Environment in the workplace. They have a low focus on Sameness, keeping things routine or the same. Thai people are not convinced by conversations alone, preferring evidence or data that makes sense to them and prefer to focus on goals over problems.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

According to our F4S Research White Paper (2016), it is critical for successful early-stage ventures to be open to creating new possibilities, be future orientated, own their personal power, have a desire to take on challenges and an interest in the financials. Thai people demonstrate alignment to these motivations with ideal levels of focus for Alternatives, Future, Achievement, Money and Power.

Business Building

Thailand's working population's motivation scores indicate that Thailand is especially suited for business building and aligned to the success of mature stage ventures. In terms of profitability, business longevity and success in obtaining investment, Thailand’s working motivations match many of the motivational trends observed in our research.

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