The attitudes and motivations of Filipinos

What makes the Philippines Working Culture Unique

The Philippines Culture Map highlights the key cultural and motivational differences or affinities that can enable enterprise and government to strategically position the Philippines for global partnerships, innovation, funding and upskilling of entrepreneurial talent.

The data within this white paper provides an opportunity for employees, employers, industry, government and education sectors to gain a unique insight into the motivations and attitudes of the Filipino workforce. With the potential to contribute to the formalisation of new policies, funding for educational programs and promoting areas for strategic development.

The top 5 motivations of the Philippines workforce

Filipinos will prioritise asking questions and place importance on understanding the rationale behind tasks or projects. When it comes to communication and making decisions, Filipinos are convinced by what can be seen and observed, focusing on the here and now and what is practically relevant. Filipino people also have a strong preference to gradually and incrementally improve and make changes over time, while being driven to consistently check information, understanding and results for quality and accuracy multiple times, especially if there is uncertainty.

The lowest 5 motivations of the Philippines workforce

Filipinos generally have lower motivation for disruption, working alone uninterrupted, following routines, being convinced by conversations or focusing on the problems rather than the goals. This tells us that Filipinos prefer to respect values and customs, are less likely to be energised working from home, have a low need for routine and may become demotivated without clearly defined goals.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

According to our F4S Research White Paper (2016), it is critical for successful early-stage ventures to be future oriented, own their personal power, not shy away from radical changes and evolve over time. Filipinos demonstrate alignment to these motivations with ideal levels of focus for Future, Power, Difference and Evolution.

Business Building

The Philippines working population's motivation scores indicate that the Philippines is especially suited for business building and aligned to the success of mature stage ventures. In terms of profitability, business longevity and success in obtaining investment, the Philippines' working motivations match many of the motivational trends observed in our research.

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