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Three Wonder Woman attitudes that will help you succeed as an entrepreneur

Just in case you’ve been a castaway on a deserted island for the past few months, we’ll let you know that Wonder Woman hit cinemas, and it was kind of a big deal.

With a current worldwide box office total of over $781 million US, it seems people can’t get enough of the enduring super-heroine, Wonder Woman. And you know what? If we all emulated a few of her defining attitudes, we might even be better entrepreneurs.

She is low on reflection and patience.

If there’s one thing that powerful saviours of the human race don’t do, it’s wait around for someone else to take action. Even as a child, Wonder Woman (or, as she was known, Diana Prince) couldn’t wait to get her hands dirty, even going so far as to train in secret when she was told she couldn’t.

She sees opportunity, whether that is in thwarting an enemy or coming to the rescue, and she doesn’t ask to act, she just moves into action. Our research has shown that successful entrepreneurs have a similar attitude - they put their ideas into action, and don’t wait for a mythical ‘right time’.  Nobody wants to miss the boat in early stage ventures.

She has mid-to-high indifference.

Wonder Woman embodies a sense of good, and an undying drive to help the innocent. However, this doesn’t mean she follows all the rules - she is very much propelled by her sense of justice. She marches to the beat of her own drum, and so too do entrepreneurs who break through with truly creative, disruptive ventures.

Research shows that an attitude of mid-to-high indifference allows a person to seek creative opportunity by looking past the rules and existing expectations, leading to some pretty great ideas that really change the world.

Shared responsibility? Nuh-uh.

Being a team player is a great thing, and it usually means you’re highly collaborative, helpful and contribute to a harmonious team environment.

These attributes are so critical in some aspects of running a business, but when it comes to successful founding of an early stage venture, a motivation to constantly contribute to the success of those around you can effectively stop your own achievement and progress on the overall key objectives.

Wonder Woman is devoted to helping others, but is she a team player? Mmm… not really. She knows that it’s pretty much up to her to lead the charge, and takes on the lion’s share of responsibility herself.

So, are you like Wonder Woman? Take the Fingerprint for Success assessment and find out.

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