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Things are about to get Wilde in Sydney.

a happy woman with pink hair believes that things are about to get wilde in sydney
  • Expert growth hacker, Heather Wilde, is coming to Sydney to present Growth Hacking 101 on August 16.
  • Make sure you mark StartCon in your calendar this December!

Australia’s ultimate startup and growth conference, StartCon, is putting on some epic events in the lead-up to their big show in December.

Their Technology Leadership Series has brought some key talent to Australia to share their expertise, and the next chapter (in partnership with GrowthHackers Australia) presents Heather “Unicorn Whisperer” Wilde, CTO of ROCeteer and startup growth supercoach.

Her laser focus on entrepreneurs and their development, as well as her wealth of experience in growing companies like Evernote (from a tiny acorn, into a big oak tree of over 100,000,000 users, in fact!) makes her an absolutely invaluable resource to startup founders.

She will be presenting her topic, Growth Hacking 101, where you will learn the origins of growth hacking, and how you can apply the principles to any business.  

Wilde is a super achiever in the entrepreneurial world, writing and speaking on a range of topics ranging from social media, entrepreneurialism, startups, leadership, cybersecurity, customer experience, fundraising and diversity issues.

She is a dear friend of Fingerprint for Success, and if you miss her talk, you can catch her writing on Forbes and her column, Entrepreneurial Revolution for Inc Magazine.

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