Is time tracking the ultimate productivity hack for busy entrepreneurs?

Is time tracking the ultimate productivity hack for busy entrepreneurs?

You’re an entrepreneur on the rise, dedicating every skerrick of resources to realizing your business dreams. However, there’s one thing no venture capitalist or Kickstarter backer can raise for you: time.

Sadly, there are only twenty-four hours in a day, and as your business grows and kicks up a notch, you’ll notice those hours just evaporate and vanish before your eyes. There’s no way to increase the amount of hours it takes Earth to rotate, but you can improve how you use them.

Our mates at JOAN have just launched a brand new device and app called Tiller - a time-tracking companion that will assist you in utilizing your work day efficiently and mindfully.

The team at JOAN were the superstar developers behind our Fingerprint for Success (F4S) platform, and users tell us all the time how much they love the simple design and clever interface… so it’s little wonder that we just couldn’t wait to get our paws on JOAN’s own creation! (Not least because this is one kick-arse system that’s hugely beneficial for the busy lifestyle of an entrepreneur.)

Tiller in action

Tiller’s purpose is this: to bring a deliberateness to your work, so that you can concentrate on tasks one at a time and do them well. If you’re easily distracted, or find your day whittled away on small, less critical projects, then this is going to bring what is important right into the forefront of your working day.

Mindfulness and purpose.

“We found that because of the fact Tiller is a physical object, when you’re engaging with it, it brings a sort of mindfulness and deliberateness to the work you’re doing.”

— Co-founder and product designer Ed Thomson

… which is perfect for us entrepreneurial types, who are often juggling ten projects too many and struggling to keep track of all that’s required of us. Tiller’s physical cues (thanks to the handy little gizmo that lives on your desk) bring about a much more focused and tangible element to keep you bang on track. No ignoring that sucker!

Oh… and it integrates with small business finance tools like Xero, just for an extra layer of practical awesomeness.

Alright, so we’re probably biased. We love JOAN and all they do. But honestly, even we were blown away by their smart and effective tool.

Spend more time doing the things that really excite you. Spend time with Tiller.

Want to get your hands on Tiller? Jump on Kickstarter and back their campaign now.

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