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Can AI help us dress for success? (Shop) You betcha!

a man with short hair shows a computer to answer the question can ai help us dress for success shop you betcha

Between Siri, Google Assistant, Bixby and Alexa, we humans sure are accumulating a lot of friends with artificial intelligence. It’s safe to say we’ve embraced the idea of AI in some aspects of our life, especially when the payoff is convenience.

Enter Emma Sharley and Kelly Slessor (the amazing duo you may remember from our Founder Series), who have just launched their game-changer in the world of fashion.

Kelly Slessor and Emma Sharley of Shop You.

Kelly Slessor and Emma Sharley of Shop You.

For many women, clothes shopping can be a real drag. It’s time-consuming, and the abundance of online options can make finding the perfect outfit completely overwhelming. It seems with all that choice, finding selections unique to the individual is a laughably far-out concept. In fact, Emma and Kelly’s research uncovered that a staggering eighty percent of women disliked clothes shopping altogether.

Their time at Westfield allowed them to research an incredible opportunity - what if there was a mobile shopping experience that knew your style, your shape, your occasion… heck, even the weather you were planning on wearing the clothes in, and made suggestions accordingly?

It’s not witchcraft, it’s reality - their all-new app, Shop You, is a personalized shopping experience that matches you with the brands you love, that suit your size, style and preferences, using artificial intelligence. It gets to know you, your searches, and what kinds of garments you’re actually going to buy.

As they dug into their idea, they learned that personal recommendations can increase conversion rates by a whopping one hundred and fifty percent.

“The opportunity is all in the algorithms.” Kelly says of their creation.“Predictive technology allows you to reach customers and convert them at a higher rate when they are ready to purchase.”

The result is a truly cutting-edge shopping experience, built on the needs and desires of customers, tailored beyond current expectations. Incredible.

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Emma and Kelly are much-loved friends of F4S, having used our platform in their co-founder journey. Now, as they scale to the amazing heights they deserve, they’re using the platform in talent selection and acquisition for their growing team.

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