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BetterUp coaching vs Fingerprint for Success

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As more companies realize the benefits of coaching for their employees, many are searching for scalable options. One popular solution is BetterUp coaching. In eight years, BetterUp has provided more than one million online coaching sessions.

But just what is BetterUp coaching? And how does Fingerprint for Success (F4S) compare? Below, we'll review BetterUp vs. F4S to help you decide which one is best for your organization.

Table of contents
What is BetterUp coaching?
What is Fingerprint for Success?
BetterUp coaching features
Fingerprint for Success features
BetterUp coaching cost
Fingerprint for Success cost
BetterUp coaching reviews
Fingerprint for Success coaching reviews
What's the ROI of coaching?
BetterUp coaching jobs
F4S coaching jobs
Bottom line: BetterUp coaching vs. Fingerprint for Success

What is BetterUp coaching?

Co-founded by CEO Alexi Robichaux in 2013, BetterUp calls itself "The People Experience Platform". BetterUp offers research-rich insights, a proprietary assessment, and one-on-one and group coaching online. Their coaching supports leadership development, mental health, and belonging in the workplace.

BetterUp is headquartered in San Francisco. Its mission is to "unlock greater potential, purpose, and passion". The company focuses on mental fitness and launched its BetterUp Care offering.

What is Fingerprint for Success?

Fingerprint for Success is an online coaching platform and people analytics tool. F4S leverages 20+ years of motivation research. The platform helps users target specific areas for improvement under the guidance of AI-powered and human coaches.

F4S is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with a global presence. F4S was founded in 2016 by Michelle Duval, who helped found the field of professional coaching in Australia. When Duval realized that having a coach was a privilege of the few, she wanted to do something about it. Duval launched F4S as a way to bring virtual personalized coaching to the masses.

The F4S experience begins with an evidence-based assessment. It provides a report of your unique "fingerprint" across 48 motivation categories. Motivations affect things such as your communication and the way you work.

Everything F4S does is driven by its mission to make coaching accessible to everyone. This is why F4S offers free access to an in-depth motivation assessment and AI-powered Coach, Marlee.

BetterUp coaching features

  • Whole Person Assessment: Based on its proprietary Whole Person Model, the assessment takes 15-20 minutes to complete and was developed in-house.
  • One-on-one and group human coaching: Informed by your Whole Person Assessment results, BetterUp uses AI technology to match you with the best coaches. From there, you can select which coach you'd like to meet with via live video chat.
  • Data: Measure employee progress in the BetterUp dashboard. This will tell you things about your team's resilience, productivity, work-life balance, and more.
  • BetterUp Care: A mental health care offering designed for employers who want to care for their workforce's well-being. BetterUp Care focuses on improving mental fitness. It also provides employees with coaching and other resources to support them through thick and thin.
  • BetterUp Labs: BetterUp Labs launched in 2018 and conducts behavioral research. The aim is to make new discoveries that help people reach peak performance and thrive at work.
  • Mobile app: BetterUp has a mobile app for both iOS and Android for mobile-based professional coaching.

Fingerprint for Success features

  • Free evidence-based assessment: Based on 20+ years of research, the F4S assessment delivers a detailed report. The report shows how you score on 48 different motivational traits and what that means for your work and life. You'll uncover your blind spots and strengths, which will help guide your coaching goals. You can take the initial assessment to get a baseline, then take it on a more regular basis (such as once a year) to see how you grow and change.
  • People analytics: Based on the assessment, you'll receive powerful data insights. These tell you how your affinities align with your teammates. They also reveal how to harness the power of your differences, providing you with greater clarity.
  • Free AI-powered coaching: The Coach Marlee app provides free personalized online coaching programs. You can complete them at your own pace. Coaching programs can help you boost self-esteem, develop emotional intelligence, or achieve a specific goal. Whatever your goals, Coach Marlee has your back!
  • Human coaching for individuals and groups: If you need support beyond the Coach Marlee programs, F4S will match you with a human coach to give you the edge you need.
  • Track progress in your dashboard: Throughout your coaching journey, you can check your progress in the F4S dashboard. You can even journal to reflect on what you've learned so you can reference these notes later.
  • Benchmarking: You can compare your results to the working population in 14 different cultures. You can also see how you stack up against successful entrepreneurs, business builders, and even your own teammates.
  • Ranking talent: F4S took its groundbreaking research and created a tool that ranks top talent based on proven success factors. These help you to make smarter hiring decisions. You can view candidates through the "lens" of your choosing. Select Business Builder if you want to see candidates with the most potential for scaling an existing business. Select Entrepreneur to see candidates who would do best in a high-growth venture. (More lenses coming soon!)
  • Culture map: A game-changing feature for global companies. The F4S culture map analyzes the unique culture of each team and office. It shows you how to better understand differences to maximize team bonding and goal achievement.
  • Coming soon: F4S will soon launch a coaching marketplace. The marketplace will leverage AI technology to match users with human coaches based on their unique assessment results. F4S has had great success with mentor-matching programs, such as the one provided to multinational software giant SAP. F4S will build the coach-matching feature on that proven model.

BetterUp coaching cost

I couldn't find any exact prices on the BetterUp website. The closest information I could find was this answer to "How does pricing work?"

"We offer monthly subscriptions to BetterUp, which include 1:1 coaching sessions, an on-demand content library, goal-setting features, and more. We have several pricing options based on how often you want to meet your coach."

However, there are rumors that pricing starts at $499 per month.

Fingerprint for Success cost

F4S takes the "democratization" of coaching to the next level—it's free for almost everyone.

That's right, there's no charge to take the detailed, science-backed assessment. There's also no fee to participate in any of the AI-powered virtual coaching programs.

Even small teams (up to five individuals) can use all of the advanced teaming features for free.

It only costs $9.60 USD per month (per user) for organizations larger than 5 people.

For human coaching and more extensive, customized enterprise packages, schedule a demo with F4S.

BetterUp coaching reviews

Before you book a session with a BetterUp coach, you have the opportunity to review their profile, including reviews from their clients.

Here are just some of the reviews I found for the coaches that were matched with me:

  • "I have had the fortune of being one of Antonio's clients during my transition into an administrative role. His non-judgmental, professional, yet approachable style fits well with what I was looking for, and our sessions have been extremely valuable."
  • "One of the most valuable experiences I have had with Frances is that as we worked on a desired outcome she made me more dependent on myself. She has worked with me to help me access inner wisdom and calm confidence."
  • "It was like riding a bullet train. Everything was happening so fast in my development that I mentally had to change to catch up. The learning curve was the key factor, I was learning but not executing in parallel. That made me change my attitude and my approach."

Fingerprint for Success coaching reviews

For each F4S online coaching program, you can read reviews from people who have taken it. Below are just a few:

Vital Wellbeing

  • "This well-being program blew my expectations. At first, I thought the program was just going to help me with weight loss, but as I went through, I got so much more. This program has helped me shift my entire thinking and attitude about myself, helping me to prioritize my health and well-being. I feel amazing!"
  • "This program helped me kickstart my journey to well-being. Never could I have imagined an AI coach being this good - as if you're talking to a real human and how Marlee made me accountable to my goals. Super awesome experience that you definitely got to try!"

Attention to Detail

  • "Great experience overall! The 'Attention to Detail' coaching program really helped me a lot as it opened up a new way for me to see things. This is very useful in my approach to work."
  • "With attention to detail program, I learned a whole new way to see and approach projects."

Big Picture Thinker

  • "I discovered I need to be conscious of where I want to go - to get there."
  • "I learned how to chunk up and see the bigger picture before turning to the details."
  • “I learned to manage my stress about details.”

Increase EQ

  • "Marlee really helped me to understand how to cue in on body language and tone when speaking with others, in order to connect on a deeper level."
  • "This coaching program has helped me improve the way I connect, relate and communicate - deepening my relationships with others and also with myself."

Personal Power

  • "I really struggled with the idea and concept of my own power and it was getting in the way of my work, my relationships and my happiness. This program with Marlee has helped me understand why, develop a deeper relationship with my own power and as a result, I'm feeling more confident and competent as ever!”
  • “Personal power program was great for me to gain confidence and knowledge on approaching my new leadership role.”

What's the ROI of coaching?

Whether it's employee coaching, life coaching or transformational coaching, everyone wants to know: What's the true ROI of coaching? Below are some statistics from both BetterUp and F4S:

  • Companies that use F4S see a 752% return on investment in one year.
  • By the time they finish their first coaching program, more than 90% of F4S users have achieved their goals.
  • 76% of BetterUp users rate coaching sessions as "life-changing" or "amazing".

BetterUp coaching jobs

To become a BetterUp coach, you'll need to submit an online application, including a resume and your coach credential certificate.

There are four areas you can go into as a BetterUp coach:

  1. Dedicated coaching: Clients meet with you one-on-one to focus on personal growth areas.
  2. Specialist coaching: Clients come to you for help with specific challenges like sleep or diversity and inclusion.
  3. Group coaching: Multiple people receive coaching from you at one time, on focused topics.
  4. BetterUp Care coaching: You'll be a wellness expert providing one-on-one support to people needing it most.

F4S coaching jobs

Fingerprint for Success often recruits candidates for online coaching jobs. F4S is looking for any coaching professional who wants to learn the F4S coaching method and implement it with companies around the world.

F4S is frequently looking for coaches who have experience with methodologies such as meta-coaching, International Coaching Federation (ICF), and more. A wellness background would serve you well too, such as working as a nutritionist, life coach, or personal trainer. F4S coaches receive competitive compensation, flexible PTO, a learning and development stipend, and more.

Learn more about becoming an F4S coach or join the F4S global community dedicated to the future of human development.

Bottom line: BetterUp coaching vs. Fingerprint for Success

Both BetterUp and F4S leverage AI technology and behavioral science experts to provide online coaching and encourage personal and professional development.

Both online coaching platforms offer evidence-based assessments to users. Both do an excellent job of providing personalized coaching alongside data-driven insights.

Yet, there is a clear distinction between each platform's coaching focus and cost. Currently, BetterUp focuses on one-on-one live video coaching for a fee.

F4S focuses more on equitable access and scalability. The platform makes professional coaching available to the masses through a free AI-powered app with self-paced programs.

The F4S programs are designed to fit busy lifestyles. Sessions are quick, taking around 15 minutes a week, but are incredibly effective. The coaching sessions provide you with a 90% chance you'll achieve your goals in just four to nine weeks.

If you're looking for free coaching with high returns in just weeks, F4S's AI-powered online coaching programs are the best fit. You can pick up where you left off anytime—and they're totally free. That's tough to beat.

Take advantage of free personalized coaching at your own pace. Try F4S today!

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“This coaching program has really helped me to see the value in goals, and get much better at setting them. It’s had a really positive impact on my career!”

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“Personal power program was great for me to gain confidence and knowledge on approaching my new leadership role”

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"The changes I made with Marlee, had an immediate impact in the relationship dynamic I was working on in the program"

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"With attention to detail program, I learned a whole new way to see and approach projects"

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“I love how practical this coaching is!”

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“Coaching with Marlee was simply amazing. 200% recommend!”

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