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6 must-listen podcasts for entrepreneurs

woman with long hair shares 6 must listen podcasts for entrepreneurs

Hey, quick question: are you into podcasts?

If you are, chances are you’re crazy about them. And really, what’s not to love about essentially your own, customizable radio content, tailored to the topics you want to hear about?

If work and life get in the way of keeping abreast of everything in the entrepreneurial world, there’s some great podcasts you can tune into while on the move that will not only keep you on the cutting edge, but inspire and enlighten you along the way.

Download a few of our favorites and try them out for yourself:

6. ‘How I Built This’ with Guy Raz

If you’re a regular podcast listener, you’re likely familiar with the brilliance being put out there by NPR - an American non-profit media organization, syndicating over nine hundred public radio stations from all over the USA.

How I Built This is one of their shows, and it consistently makes the top 20 podcast industry rankings, along with several other NPR creations. It is a fascinating series, taking you on a breathtaking journey each week with some of the world’s most successful inventors, entrepreneurs and founders, covering every triumph and heartbreak of ‘how they built’ their life’s work.

You may need to put this on when you’re doing something passive - it’ll grab your attention by the scruff of the neck.

5. Entrepreneurs On FIRE

John Lee Dumas, successful real estate entrepreneur-turned-founder and host of Entrepreneurs On FIRE (EOFire), pumps out amazing episodes seven days a week. EOFire was his response to a gap he saw in the podcast realm: none of his favorite business podcasts offered daily content.

Despite the sheer volume, the quality doesn’t suffer; he’s a bright, energetic host and each episode focuses on the journey of an entrepreneur. From the low points to the triumphs, no stone is left unturned and there’s a lot to learn from John and his (seemingly limitless!) network of experts and influencers.

4. TropicalMBA

Dan Andrews and Ian Schoen are serial entrepreneurs who are, quite frankly, living the dream. Free from the beige fantasia of office cubicles and endless meetings, they promote an ‘artisanal’ approach to entrepreneurship, with lots of travel and new experiences the norm.

Their weekly podcast is wildly successful, used in business school curriculums across the US, and has been downloaded over one million times. Discussing everything from business ideas, startup life and travel, to the ins-and-outs of team building and business culture, it’s one you won’t want to miss.

3. The Broad Experience

The Broad Experience, headed by entrepreneurial journalist Ashley Milne-Tyte, is a warm, humorous and honest podcast, discussing women in the workplace and championing diversity and success.

Ashley brings a ton of esteemed guests from different parts of the business world and they don’t shy away from difficult topics like sexual harassment, while maintaining engaging, informative conversation that will keep you thinking long after the episode has concluded.

2. Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Series

Stanford University has a long-established reverence in the entrepreneurial space, fostering up-and-coming business talent through various grants, programs and degrees.

Their media center eCorner hosts their amazing podcast series featuring some of the world’s superstar entrepreneurs and educators, released in season/episode format. The range of voice talent and topics covered is vast, with a sassy, sharp approach to their subject matter - episodes like “How to Outwit Workplace Jerks” provide valuable insight from experts with a cheeky humor that really makes it memorable.

1. Unemployable Podcast

Despite the doom and gloom name, Brian Clark’s Unemployable podcast is an awesome, uplifting series that is brimming with insight for anyone traveling the path of self-employment. As the founder of Copyblogger and eight other successful businesses, he’s well-versed in the highs and lows of entrepreneurial pursuits and offers deep insight into a variety of areas.

Episodes like ‘How to Find Your Winning Difference’ are a great starting point for delving into this library of episodes (and pretty darned aligned with all the stuff we talk about here at Fingerprint for Success). Enjoy!

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