Engage, motivate, and develop a high-performing team

Our collaboration and performance AI supports individuals and teams to bring out the best in everyone right in the flow of work anywhere, anytime.

Trusted by teams in 70,000+ organizations from 190 countries

90% of users achieve their goals in 4-9 weeks
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Motivate yourself and your team

Gain higher self-awareness around the personal motivations and unique work styles of you and your team. By understanding what helps you and your team thrive at work, you can invigorate a sense of purpose and enthusiasm.

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Help your team perform at their best

Once you and your team answer a series of questions to tell us what motivates you, you’ll unlock key insights that will enable team members to feel seen and accepted, so everyone feels safe to be themselves at work. With up to 98% reliability at measuring 48 work motivations, you’ll learn exactly how to get the best out of your people.

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Collaborate more effectively

High-performing teams consist of diverse individuals — which means there’s no one rulebook for everyone. Our science-backed questions measure key work traits so that you can know exactly how to communicate with every team member, ensuring harmonious, efficient, and productive teamwork.

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Perform at your best with AI coaching

Our coaching programs coach to more than 1,000 different goals, so whether you want to improve your self-esteem and mental well-being, become a better leader, manage time better, or collaborate more effectively with team members, we’ll help you get there - 90% of people achieve their goals in 4-9 weeks. AI Coach Marlee uses science to tailor coaching programs to each team member’s unique motivation style, practically guaranteeing they’ll achieve their goals.

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Hire top talent

Narrowing down a huge field of job applications can be overwhelming. With 90% fewer interviews needed to find top talent, we help you pinpoint those high performers by benchmarking against our XFactor success models.

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How Fingerprint for Success works

Say goodbye to guesswork: Our revolutionary analytics are more than 90% reliable at forecasting personal and team motivations, behaviors, and performance.
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Step 1

Tell us what motivates you

Answer questions on your work style. The more questions you answer, the more accurate Marlee's coaching support will be.

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Step 2

Gain insights about yourself and your team

You can Ask Marlee any question, whether it’s ‘What are the potential areas of conflict between me and Sara?’ or ‘Would Rhe and Ki work well together?’ Receive razor-sharp insights instantly based on the personal motivations of you and your team.

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Step 3

Set a goal and start AI coaching

Set a personal or professional goal and Marlee will recommend a coaching program to help you achieve it. Marlee will keep you on track with twice-weekly AI coaching at a time that suits you.

Bring out the best in everyone